The wolves of d'Arreaux

Quintus 1668

In the Area surrounding the Village D’Arreaux several deaths occur due to wild wolves. Since Jean-Claude Praisse du Rachetisse, the Baron of that area, and his master of hunt Martin Darder can’t stop the wild animals from harrassing the area, Claude sends a request for help to Charousse. Two musketeers, Antoine Jerome Perseverant and Alain Geraud Souvenant are sent to d’Arreaux to investigate the matter. They are accompanied by the eisen hunter Michael Gärlitz. In addition the scientist of noble heritage Edmonde Gaulle dul Motte is asked to help the investigation. The evening the group arrives at the manor of Claude Praisse du Rachetisse the 17th vistim of the wolves is found.

The next morning, the group begins it’s investigations. Soon, they find traces that Michael Gärlitz and Gaulle dul Motte can identify as those of Black Wolves, beast able to use porte-sorcery. This explaines why those wolves are able to appear and dissapear suddenly, making it quite hard to hunt them. But two days later, Michaels abilities help in taking down the first Black Wolf.

A Black Wolf

The young Musketeer spends some of his evening hours in the local Jenny-house to take a break from the strenuous hunts. There he meets a castillian Jenny called “Isabella”. She inclines that the wolves might not be the only problem, or the true problem. Following this lead, the two musketeers Alain and Antoine start investigations among the villagers, while Edmonde and Michael continue to hunt the wolves. Finally, it is Claude’s younger sister Nicolette Filou Praisse du Rachetisse who accidentially brings the musketeers to the right lead. Alain and Antoine follow her to a secret meeting, where, among others, Claude’s and Nicolette’s thought to be dead father Frederic Praisse du Rachetisse is present. Some other people at the meeting is an unknown man from Eisen (who will later be identified as Friedrich Drachenberg) and a man who will be known under the name of Fleauraux. Frederic, Nicolette Filou and Drachenberg are part of a conspiracy that seeks to spread the ability to use porte-sorcery among those who are unable to use those powers. To do this, they seek to perform a dark ritual. An ingridient for this ritual is the blood of men killed by a creature able to use porte- the Black Wolves.

Alain, Antoine, Claude, Edmonde and Michael attack the gathering. Some conspirators (among them Frederic and Nicolette Praisse du Rachetisse) are killed, others are taken prisoner. Some few manage to escape (among them Drachenberg, Fleauraux, an unknown castillian and a vodacce Fate-witch).


The wolves of d'Arreaux

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