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Welcome To A Whole New World

Théah is a world rife with fascinating places and precarious adventures. She might be a remote cousin of our world – a fictional Europe, caught in between Baroque and Humanism, between Absolutism and Enlightenment. Six heroes dare to accept the challenges of this world… and shape their own “conte montaigne”.


In the year 1669, Théah has already faced centuries of eventful occurences. Be it the religious riots during the War of the Cross or the sudden disappearance of the heir to the throne of Castille – théan history has always been a history of heroes and villains…

Théan Timeline


From the frosty wilderness of Ussura to the mediterranean plains of Castille, from the exotic islands of Kanuba to the skyscraping fire wall of Cathay – Théah is a world full of mysteries. The mighty ones hold sway in their baroque castles beset with lush gardens and classic works of art, while poor peasants live in simple cottages of lattice and brick, trying to earn a living. Théah has many faces…




La Reiña del Mar




Ozero Bodrustvovanyc


Conspiracy and intrigue lay over the ball rooms and backyards, the bar halls and the battlefields. Where arcane societies dictate the fortune of nations in secret, where political factions arrange the overthrow of the upper crust, where daring heroes discover ancient truths, there, adventure finds it’s way into the world…

Noble Houses

Du Montaigne
Rois et Reines du Rogné
Flaubert du Doré
Gaulle dul Motte
Praisse du Rachetisse

Knightly Orders

The Musketeers
Elaine’s Knights
The Knights of Rose and Cross
The Kreuzritter

Religious Organisations

The Inquisition

Other Organisations

Das Invisible College
Los Vagos
Novus Ordum Mundi
The Swordsman’s Guild
Les Yeux Couverts


Scripture is civilisation’s root – this is an axiomatic truth in Théah. So noble Grand Dames pass the time reading jovial novels and scholars thumb through dusty tomes of ancient philosophers, while kings and queens put their illustrious signature on weighty contracts. But even in simple letters, stories are told…

Alain’s letters from Ussura
Joels letter to Alain

Letters from the king
Letter from Jean Marie Rois et Reines to Renée
Letter from Lady Jamais Sices du Sices to Renée

House Rules

The Creator’s unseen hand commands the changes in the world. In a divine game of dice, the complex workings of fate and fortune determine the lives of mere mortals. But Fortuna is a fickle mistress… and who says, that one has to obey the rules…

Alternate Reputation Rules
New Swordman’s Schools
New Sorceries

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