Montaigne 1669

The revolution is over! The people are victorious!

Within days the glorious kingdom of L’Empereur Léon Alexandre XIV fell apart: noblemen had been dragged out of their homes and executed on the streets, their mansions plundered by the angry mob. Palace du Soleil, built only a few years ago, is now a ruined and deserted place. But from the chaos, the ashes and the ruins of the revolution a new state arose. A group of plotical free-thinkers gathered around Arnaud du Charousse, an ambitious man without scruples, and founded the Council of Eight, forming a goverment of the people, replacing monarchy. The Republic of Montaigne was born, and behind it’s glorious facade there was darkness brewing. The Committee for National Wellfare, nothing short but a vicinditive secret police, started to observe the people. Those of noble heritage had to register themself and forsake their titles and land. Those who refused had to face the hangman. The use of their magical heritage was also forbidden. Only few remained within Montaigne. Most of the nobility tried to escape to the other nations: Avalon, Eisen or Castille. Some remained in Montaigen, hidden, forming a royalistic underground to fight the COuncil of Eight. Those who where caught where executed, and it seemed that the new Nation will sooner or later drown in it’s own blood…

Far away from the capital und it’s unrest, an exile government had been founded. In the Eisen province of Wische those noblemen who escaped all the bloodshed in Montaine planned to retake their ancestral homes and put an end to the tyranny of the Council of Eight. Among the refugees where people like Jean-Marie Rois et Reines du Rogné, fomer captain of the musketeers, and the eisen general Hermann von Kesselring. Then, General Montegue du Montaigne reappeared to lead his nation into a new future. Sent to Ussura by L’Empereur to die there, he returned but was imprisoned in Pösen. Freed after almost one year, Montegue was ready to lead an army back to charousse, and put an end to the tyranny of Arnaud de Charousse and his Council of Eight, becoming the new King of Montaigne.

Montegue might be loved by the people and respected by the nobility, but still theres troubles brewing. Where’s power, there are those who thirst for it. Some of them would prefer the old days to be back again. Remy du Montaigne, former leader of the Thunder Guard and L’Empereurs cousin, lead a conspracy against King Montegue, trying to kill the current monarch to take the crown for himself. And though he has been stopped, truoble is far from over. The Crescent Empire has decided to make its move and declare war on the infidels.

But Montegue does not have to face the dangers on his own. A few good men, some of the comrades who fought at his side in Ussara, are there to fulfill their duty once again. But noone can tell what the future may bring…


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