Ussurian winter nights

Sextus 1668

After defeating the Beasts of d’Arreaux and the surrounding conspiracy, Edmonde Gaulle dul Motte, Alain Souvenant, Antoine Perseverant and Michael Gärlitz return to Chaorousse, accompanied by Claude Praisse du Rachetisse, to report to L’Empereur. To honor them, L’Empereur invites them to one of his famous feasts.

In front of the nobility residing in Charousse, L’Empereur decorates the five with a Medal of Honor, and the two musketeers are promoted to Lieutenants. In addition, L’Empereur announces that the five heroes volunteered to participate in Montegues campaign in Ussura, to again proof their patriotism and loyality. None of the five ever made such a statement, but to disagree with L’Empereur would be a death-sentence, so the five had no other choice but to agree. Claude Praisse du Rachetisse and Edmonde Gaulle dul Motte received the rank of a colonel of the montaignian infantry, and received the command of the appropriate units. The two musketeers each received command over a squad of musketeers that where part of the Battalions to serve as military police. Michael Gärlitz received the rank of a sergeant and commanded a sniper squad in Gaulle dul Mottes Batallion. The remaining days of the month and a good part of the following month the heroes spend most of their time to train with their new units.

Julius – Korantin 1668

The regiment of wich the two batallions are part of is transfered to Echine, where the troops board several ships to reach Ussura. The voyage is quite uneventful, and so the heroes reach Odyesse without interference. The troops only stay in Odyesse for a few days, since they are meant to strengthen the frontline. On one of the few evenings before their departure, Alain Souvenant meets a small group of Fidheli during a evening-walk. One of the members of that groups tells him his fortune. Her words are: “You are full of potential. You might become the greatest hero of Theah – or the greatest villain.”

Korantin – Septinus 1668

Three days after their arrival in Ussura the two batallions under Edmonde Gaulle dul Mottes and Claude Praisse de Rachetisses command march toward east to support Montegues lines. After a few skirmishes they reach Ekaternava and support the montaignian troops in their siege upon the city. But even withn the new support the montaignians are unable to take the city, and new arrivals in the ranks of the ussurans drive back the invaders.

Montegue in Ussura

One night, Gaulle dul Motte and Praisse du Rachetisse receive a message that a man named Koshchei wants to meet them outside their camp. Accompanied by the two musketeers Souvenant and Perseverant and Michael Gärlitz the two nobleman go to that meeting. Koshchei tells them that some of the conspirators who escaped them in Montaigne are now in Ussura, making some excavations at Lake Vigil. He asks the five to investigate it. In return he promises them that they won’t be harrassed by weather, beasts or ussuran troops. The same goes for their troops as long as they don’t advance further and instead return to Montaigne. Since noone of the five ever had a real interest in fighting a war and risk their life in it, they agree, since they think of Koshcheis offer as the better alternative.

Octavus – Nonus 1668

At Lake Vigil the five find a small camp. A motley crew of montagniards, castlillians, vodacce and eisen live within that camp at the shore of the lake. Among them the heroes recognize Fleauraux and Friedrich Drachenberg. Due to a carelessness of Edmonde Gaulle dul Motte while spying out the camp he is arrested. During the interrogation led by Fleauraux he finds out a bit about the plans of the conspiracy. It seems like they cultvate a potion that can enhance the powers of a mage. Drunk on a regular basis, it can grant a half-blooded Mage the potential of a full-blooded sorcerer. After a short time of imprisonment, Edmondes friends manage to rescue him.

The five continue to observe the camp. During another attempt to infiltrate the camp, Alain Souvenant finds an entrance to a cave at the lake’s shore. There the heroes find several insectoid creatures in some kind of hibernation. In addition, they find some strange mashine of syrneth origin that seems to be the source of that strange potion. They decide to destroy the mashine to thwart the plans of the conspirators. A great battle arises, but the heroes are victorious. Only Drachenberg and Fleauraux manage to escape – again.

Nonus 1668

On their route back they reach Pavtlov ate the same time as Montegue arrives there with his troops. The city is deserted, and the great general recognizes to late that this is a trap, and the city expoldes, becoming a flaming inferno. Most of the troops, including Montegue and the heroes, manage to escape the trap, but they must leave most of their supplies behind. Equipped only with the minimum of weapons, munitions and food the troops return to Odyesse.

Once the heroes arrive there, they recognize that the fleet had been sunk by agents of L’Empereur, so travel by sea is no option to return to montaigne. It is obvious that L’Empereur wishes Montegue to be dead. General Montegue makes a decision: with his troops, he wants to cross the mountains to Eisen, to find a way back to Montaigne…


Ussurian winter nights

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